Sunday, April 12, 2009

Breaking My Addiction Using The E-Cigarette


The word stirs up images of junkies robbing convenience stores to get money for their next fix, wide-eyed tweakers and alcoholics stumbling about, sloshing their beverage on your carpet. Now, take a look at my profile photo...........

Hmmmmm, my eyes aren't the size of cannon balls. My breath doesn't reek of stale beer and I have never stolen someone's pocket change from their dresser top.....yet, I am an addict.

This is addiction is medically confirmed as being worse than alcohol, cocaine and even heroin. It's the most difficult addiction to break as well as being the most universally used drug.

I am a cigarette smoker. I have been smoking cigarettes for nearly 30 years. Yes, I have tried to quit....and failed. And now, out of the sheer NEED to stay with my children.....the heartfelt desire to grow old with my husband.....and for the health of myself, my family and my home....I am again embarking on the road to becoming smoke-free.

I have tried cold turkey and because of my emotional, high-strung nature, it was not possible for me. I wasn't strong enough. Nicotine gum upsets my stomach and the patch scares me. (Vivid dreams? Heck, I have enough problems sleeping, thanks) And as far as drugs go....they are expensive and I have no health insurance to offset the cost. Also, I have heard SO MANY horror stories about nausea and other side effects......not for me!

My saving grace came one day, while enjoying my second addiction...television. During the television show "The Doctors" I saw the E-Cigarette. The doctors gave it to a woman who had been smoking for nearly 20 years and within a week, she was off of regular cigarettes completely. I was impressed......and intrigued. Could this finally be MY answer? MY road to a healthier life?

I immediately jumped online and started researching. The Electronic Cigarette, or "E-Cigarette" is a battery operated "cigarette" that looks like a cigarette, has a nice little LED light on the end (that lights up when you draw on the device) and delivers a dose of nicotine to the user through a vapor (much like that of an asthmatic's nebulizor) that the user can inhale and blow out, much like smoke.

I was impressed and knew that since cigarettes are as much of a psychological addiction as they are a physical one, this would probably work for me. You see, I'm not only addicted to nicotine, I love the feeling of drawing in the smoke and blowing it out.

Well, after some waiting and reading about how well it has worked for some online friends of mine...I took the leap....and ordered my E-Cigarette. I ordered it through a link posted by a friend of mine who boasted about amazing customer service and an even more amazing price....she was not exaggerating!!!

Mr. Kevin Sjodin is Director of Sales and Marketing for Sharp Smoker and has given me the best customer service I have ever experienced, not to mention the fact that he offered me an amazing price of a normally expensive E-Cigarette kit. Sharp Smoker got me on the road to better health for the cost of about 10 packs of cigarettes (here in Indiana) That included the E-Cigarette kit (with 2 batteries, charger and 5 nicotine a very nice box, I may and I also bought 4 boxes of refill cartridges. I got my package in just two days!!

Now for the fun stuff.......I'm going to blog my progress....for myself and my well as for all of you. I want you all to read of my journey and my impending success so you know you can do it to!!

If you're interested in joining me and would like more information on the E-Cigarette, please visit Sharp Smoker at Kevin will be happy to hook you up!

Next up.......Day one...............


Tonibelle said...

I'm a follower from OLS - here to lend my support. I must admit, this sounds very interesting, I'm curious to see how it works, I may have to get my husband to try it.

Anonymous said...

yea Edie!

For the record... women who don't smoke are sexier!