Sunday, April 12, 2009

Day One on the E-Cigarette

I got my E-Cigarette and refill cartridges today in the mail (two days, now THAT'S service) from Sharp Smoker. I needed to charge the battery for 8 hours, so decided to start on my stop smoking adventure Saturday morning. I opened the box, read all of the instructions and plugged the battery in to charge.

Fast forward to Saturday morning...........

I got the coffee on and prepared my E-Cigarette for it's first go-round. Putting it together was easy.....the battery compartment screws onto the tiny atomizer and the nicotine cartridge (looks like the filter of a tobacco cigarette) pops onto the end. The first time you use it, it's supposed to sit for about 5-10 minutes before use. So while I sipped on my first cup of of my favorite times to smoke.....I just stared at the E-Cigarette.

My first draw was strange......the E-Cigarette is the same size as a tobacco cigarette, just a little heavier. My E-Cigarette did make a little air whistling noise when I drew from the filter end (but I got used to the sound).....and it delivered. I got the throaty, smoke feel as I inhaled and the total smoker's satisfaction as I exhaled and blew out the vapor. My younger daughter couldn't believe how much it looked like tobacco smoke.....but there was no smoke smell, no stench you often associate with tobacco smoke. (And I might also flame, so secondhand smoke danger, no staining etc) This didn't "taste" like my tobacco cigarette......but I did get the same nicotine rush and satisfaction.

I didn't realize how psychological this whole process was until my husband left the house to run an errand and there were no tobacco cigarettes left in the house. I realized this and started freaking out.....running ashtray to ashtray looking for a decent sized butt. Why? I don't know.....but I NEEDED to have one of those nasty tobacco, cancer sticks nearby.....just in case. I really that weak? You betcha! So I ended up keep a tobacco cigarette in the empty cigarette pack along with my E-Cigarette.

I shared my new E-Cigarette with my older daughter (she's 27 and a smoker) and she was quite impressed. She enjoyed the experience and the way she could inhale and blow the vapor out like a tobacco cigarette.

So all day on day one, I used my E-Cigarette each time I had a deep in the gut nicotine craving as well as during those times my brain needed a tobacco cigarette (computer time, after a meal, with coffee) It worked.....and it worked well.....the E-Cigarette delivered the nicotine my body craved....without all of cancer causing agents.

I did cheat on day one......which is normal for a person's first day on the E-Cigarette...actually, it's encouraged in the instruction manual. HOWEVER....I went from smoking a full pack of cigarettes to.....drum roll please.......4 tobacco cigarettes!!!! And not once did I get edgy, grouchy or feel out of control like all of the other times I tried to quit!!

Physically, I feel a bit light headed all the body is now taking in more oxygen and I sometimes get this surreal, dreamy feeling....especially when I start thinking about the enormous hold tobacco cigarettes had on every aspect of my life. It's say the least!

All in all, day one is a success!! Thanks to the E-Cigarette!

Want to join me in my journey to a smoke-free life? Visit Sharp Smoker to order your E-Cigarette.....Kevin will take good care of you!


Jason Block said...

You are doing so great! Keep on it! Don't give up!

pclarkaz said...

I too am using the E-cigarette. I love it. Still getting used to the quirks. Not totally off analogs yet due to the quirks of the e-cig.

taterbug said...

I'm waiting on my order to arrive. Good luck to you! Sounds like you are off to a great start.

wendy wallach said...

I quit cold turkey a few years ago and have never felt better! You can do it!

I am also following you..please follow me too!