Sunday, November 22, 2009

Got my $411..Now Trying To Win MORE!!

Yesterday, I told you about winning $411.00 by calling 1-800-free411 and asking for a phone number (just like your phone company's directory assistance, but it's completely free) Well, suprisingly, I got my check late yesterday!! Wooohoooooo!!

I would run right out and go shopping, but since the husband has been unemployed since September, I think we'll use it for bills. It's kind of difficult to keep warm and function without heat and electricity...and don't get me started on the "humans need water to survive" thing! *rolls eyes*

Anyways.....I learned more about the NEW 1-800-free411 contest...and now I'm addicted! Hold on.....I gotta call again.......... I didn't win a $50 WalMart gift card on THIS call...but maybe on the next! You gotta try this one because it's fun! Call the number 1-800-free411, listen to the brief ad, say "CONTEST" at the main menu then you're off! You get to pick any 4 numbers and you;re told right away if you win or not.

Though I'd love to go through the phone and strangle the sympathetic (recorded) crowd saying "Awwwwwwwww" when I lose, it's so much fun and so easy, I gotta pick up the phone and do it again. I don't's kinda like a slot machine and lottery draw rolled up into one......except I'm not shoving quarters into my handset.

OK....gotta go! If you play....and you really should.....I hope you win!

PS) Did I just sound like an advertisement? LOL! OMG! I did! But hey, least I'm not the Glade lady.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Winning Money For The Holidays!

Who couldn't use some extra cash during this economy? And with the holidays screaming up on our heels, any extra cash would certainly come in handy! Sure you can attempt to sell things online, have a garage sale or play the lottery, but how about a chance at winning some cold hard cash by using the phone?

I just won $411.00 doing just that!!

I had heard about the sweepstakes, and even though I'm a hard core sweepstakes junkie, I didn't enter at first. But when I did, I actually won!! And here is how you too can win $411.00 INSTANTLY, well as something new...$50 gift cards!

Just like using your telephone company's directory assistance (which COSTS you money), you can call 1-800-free-411 and not only get directory assistance (and much more) for FREE, you can be one of two daily winners of $411.00!! And even better, every 5,000th call wins a $50 gift card!

You can can as many times as you like...there's no limit. Those are better odds than any lottery I've ever heard of!

In addition to the gift cards (which just started today at 1 pm EST here's what else you can win:

•60 Cash Prizes of $411, 2 drawings daily throughout the month of November;
•One random drawing for a Blackberry Tour will be picked during the first week in December.
•One Grand Prize: 3 day/2 night trip for winner and 1 guest to Boston, MA PLUS THE CHANCE TO WIN $411,000!

While in Boston, the grand prize winner has the opportunity to select one (1) cell phone out of 411 cell phones displayed on a game board. Each cell phone will contain a number that is matched to a sealed envelope number.

◦One (1) envelope will contain a $411,000 cash prize;
◦Ten (10) envelopes will contain a $41,100 cash prize;
◦Four-hundred envelopes will contain a $4,110 cash prize

For more details go to:

And when you're finished reading, start dialing!!! I can you!