Sunday, November 22, 2009

Got my $411..Now Trying To Win MORE!!

Yesterday, I told you about winning $411.00 by calling 1-800-free411 and asking for a phone number (just like your phone company's directory assistance, but it's completely free) Well, suprisingly, I got my check late yesterday!! Wooohoooooo!!

I would run right out and go shopping, but since the husband has been unemployed since September, I think we'll use it for bills. It's kind of difficult to keep warm and function without heat and electricity...and don't get me started on the "humans need water to survive" thing! *rolls eyes*

Anyways.....I learned more about the NEW 1-800-free411 contest...and now I'm addicted! Hold on.....I gotta call again.......... I didn't win a $50 WalMart gift card on THIS call...but maybe on the next! You gotta try this one because it's fun! Call the number 1-800-free411, listen to the brief ad, say "CONTEST" at the main menu then you're off! You get to pick any 4 numbers and you;re told right away if you win or not.

Though I'd love to go through the phone and strangle the sympathetic (recorded) crowd saying "Awwwwwwwww" when I lose, it's so much fun and so easy, I gotta pick up the phone and do it again. I don't's kinda like a slot machine and lottery draw rolled up into one......except I'm not shoving quarters into my handset.

OK....gotta go! If you play....and you really should.....I hope you win!

PS) Did I just sound like an advertisement? LOL! OMG! I did! But hey, least I'm not the Glade lady.