Tuesday, May 25, 2010

I Am Desperate For Help! Could You Lend A Hand?

So, about two months ago, I was helping my son with his bath. As I finished and went to stand up, I placed my hand on the wall......and I fell through!

The paint was moist and the drywall soggy. Upon further inspection....I freaked out a little....MOLD!!

It wasn't till a couple of weeks later, while getting hangers from my son's closet that I noticed an extremely musty smell. I shoved back his clothing and gasped.....BLACK MOLD! There was black mold growing in the corner of his closet, down to the floor and up the wall. Outside his closet, I pushed his bed aside and there was more mold, growing alongside his bed.

Since my husband was unemployed from September of last year until February of this year, running right out and hiring someone to remove the mold and repair things was out of the question. We have no savings and we don't (and never have) used credit cards. Sadly, we've had to put things off.

Our entire bathroom looks like it needs to be least the half where the tub stands (the leaky, mold growing culprit) and my son's closet and interior wall. Gutting the bathroom and cleaning up the mold won't cost us much....however, we will be left with an empty, unusable room and be down one bathroom (which isn't good with a teenager in the house!)

So I got creative.

I found a contest on the National Fix and Flip Network. The video contest is for the entratns to plead their case for the ugliest room in their house. Monthly entrants with the most votes get $2,5000 (plenty of cash for us to remodel our bathroom) and at the end of the year, 10 top vote getters will vie for %50,000!

At this point in time, I am desperate to win that $2,500! My video is there and we are getting votes from friends on facebook and my sweepstakes site. But I need more votes!

Did I mention that just for voting, voters are entered to win $1,000? Oh by helping me, you could potentially win $1,000 yourself.....or even $15,000 at the end of the contest!!

My video is titles, "Yes, that's An Ant Farm In Our Shower!"....Ummmm, yeah....last week my daughter came running from the bathroom, hair still dripping, "Um, mom....come here, you need to see this."

I follow her to the bathroom to see that tiny little black ants had taken up residence inside a clear tube (washcloth hanger) attached to the tub surround. They are all comfy and happy in there...they have drug in food and even laid their little larva. Are you shuddering with the heebie jeebies yet? Wait till you see the video!

Please....take a look at my video, have a heart and vote for us. We are really desperate for your help! You can vote every day (so please bookmark our video) and please, tell your friends!

And I would like to add that there is a possibility that this mold exposure has contributed, if not caused, my Fibromyalgia. So this entire mess could be a blessing in disguise! So vote frequently and tell all your friends!!

Thank you!