Saturday, April 18, 2009

"Technically" It was Trespassing....But.......

Sometimes my curiosity gets the best of me and I end up in all sorts of strange situations....last night was one of those times.

You see, several months ago, my neighbor passed away. Her house has been empty since, however, lately there's been a lot of activity......appliances being moved, things being packed, the pool being disassembled. And of course, me being the curious one, I wondered if they were going to rent the place out (which taking out the appliances wouldn't make sense) or sell it (again, removing the appliances wouldn't make sense) or it was going into that would make sense.

So, I was chit chatting with my neighbor on the other side of me, and we both felt the house was probably going into foreclosure.....but, we were both even more curious as to what type of shape the house was in and if we could tell more about the state of the house (sell-rent-foreclosure) by peeking inside. Ahhhhh, time for a bored housewife, nosey neighbor, after-dark covert operation!!

Last night, after dark (of course) my neighbor and I (dressed in dark clothing and wielding flashlights) creep out my back door, intending to climb over the fence and slip into the back yard of the empty house....quietly. Right!

My daughter's two dogs, who are happily house in our back yard, decided we shouldn't be there. Coaga, who is half pit bull and half coon hound let out the most horrific howl-bark that could have woken the dead....and Asuka joined in with her demented-goose honk-bark. So I'm trying to get the two of them to hear me and shut the heck up......"Coaga! Asuka! Hush! It's me! Shhhhh! Shut UP!"

Baroooooooo, Bark, Bark, Bark!
Honk, Honk, Honk, Honk!!

Ignoring the dogs and hoping other neighbors aren't alert to our covert ops tactics, we attempt to climb the ancient, rickety fence between my yard and the yard of the empty house. I stick my flashlight in my pocket, put my foot up on the top board of the fence and hoist myself up.....fully INTENDING on hopping right over.

BUT......the board broke and I went over the fence head first......grabbed onto the fence for dear life with my thighs and sort of "boinged" into an upright position, rusty fence swaying under my weight. My heart is beating so loudly for fear of crashing onto my head that I did notice right away that my neighbor was in hysterics, laughing at me. "Are you alright?" she chokes out between peels of laughter........."Yeah, I'm alright." (Tell that to my thighs)

I finally pull myself off of my rusty, jagged horsey ride and wait for my neighbor to follow me over the fence (as she's still laughing...which I can actually hear over the barooooooo, bark, bark, honk honking) We creep to the back of the abandoned house and we see that there is a light on. Immediately my ballsiness waivers and I freak, thinking someone is in there. My neighbor assures me no one is there and proceeds to peek through the windows with her flashlight. We then go back around to the front of the house and look inside. (By the way, my neighbor is still snickering)

Junk strewn about in one room, boxes scattered about, cabinets ripped from the walls, appliances gone.......yes, it looks as if the house is in foreclosure and they are stripping it clean, hoping to recoup any amount of money they can. You can't really blame them in this economy. You can barely take care of your own family these days without having to take up the mortgage of the deceased relatives home.

Our curiosity is satisfied....and our sneaky little operation in the dark of night was fun....except for the enormous scrape and black and blue bruises on the inside of my thigh.....pretty. And of course, today, as I'm in the yard gardening, another neighbor stops by to chat and immediately says.....

"I heard the house next to you is in foreclosure.....saw it in the paper."

Yeah....could have saved myself a few bruises.