Friday, April 17, 2009

Day 6 With My E-Cigarette....Need Laughter and Sex Pronto!

Quitting smoking is one of the hardest things I've ever done. I knew when I saw the Electronic Cigarette that it was the right tool for me to use to become tobacco free. I just never realized how easy this tool would make it for me.

Yes, I still get cravings and yes, sometimes they are extremely POWERFUL cravings. I just need to be stronger than the tobacco....wait it out.....and if it's just too difficult, I pick up my Electronic Cigarette and take a few long draws...and the craving just disappears.

My chest still hurts, but my cough is becoming more productive. My digestive tract is still wondering what the hell is up and not sure how to work without all of the extra nicotine and chemicals. I can't really eat a big meal right now, but that's OK! Gaining weight was one of my big worries when it came to becoming a non-smoker....after all, I still want to get into my bikini this summer!

The strangest withdrawal symptom I have has so far has been emotional. I sometimes get these fleeting feelings of loss and depression, like something important is suddenly gone from my life. I believe that comes from that trigger experts say you get when you smoke cigarettes, that release of "feel good" hormones, much like those which are released during laughter or orgasm. Since I consciously know what's going on, I can reason myself out of it.......or I could just remedy it with more sex and laughter! LOL! "But Honey, it's for therapy.....smoking replacement.....I NEED it for my well being!"

Yeah right, like that will work! LOL! (Ahh, it was worth a try!)

Two very important things did happen to me today, day 6. The weather was beautiful here in Indiana, so I grabbed one of the dogs (Rukia, my best walker) and headed out for a brisk walk around the block. Usually, I'm huffing and puffing and beginning to pace myself and slow down by the time I get to the entrance of our edition. By the time I'm around the block, I'm exhausted and ready to put my feet up and take a nap! But this time, not only did I make it all the way around the block, I did so at the same brisk pace I started out with! I could feel the air filling my lungs....and they didn't feel like they were going to burst! Rukia knew it too! She just looked up at me with her excited Shih Tzu smile, tail wagging, as if to say, "Good mom, good, good, good. You get a treat now. Treat, bone, treat, yes, yes, yes. Good mom, good girl!"

Secondly, my neighbor, Jennifer, told me I "looked better". She said my skin looked much brighter and overall I looked healthier! Really?? So, of course, as soon as we were finished chit chatting (neighborly gossiping), I ran in, flipped on the bathroom light and gazed into the mirror above the sink. Wrinkles still there, laugh lines, crows feet,....check......but Jen was coloring is skin really does look brighter. I have color in my cheeks and my overall coloring isn't so "gray" anymore! Yes, smokers, we look gray! I'm definitely impressed and really starting to realize the physical impact that cigarette smoking has had on my mind and my body, inside and out. I mean, you can read about it, hear about it in the news and even listen to your doctor yammer about it over and over......but seriously, you have NO IDEA what cigarette smoking is doing to you until you quit.

I say, if you've been considering kicking the habit, go for it!! I don't care how you do it....with the patch, gum, cold turkey, medications or with the Electronic Cigarette.....just do it. You will be absolutely shocked and surprised at how much of a hold cigarettes have on you as well as how quickly your body will start repairing itself! You will start feeling almost immediately and you'll start looking better too!

This is awesome......I'm feeling good (though I really need more laughter and sex...Honey, are you reading?) and know now that I am not turning back! I like being a non smoker and I enjoy the comfort my Electronic Cigarette is giving me. I am proud of myself......and so happy that I have all of you cheering me on and supporting me! Thanks a're saving my life.