Monday, April 13, 2009

Day 2 With My E-Cigarette

Well, it's actually day 3 and I'm sitting here with my morning coffee and REALLY wanting a tobacco cigarette. I spend times like this kicking myself and asking just what it is that makes me want a tobacco cigarette.

After all, my E-Cigarette gives me the nicotine my body is craving. The taste of tobacco cigarettes is far from pleasant....probably reminiscent of licking a charred, wooden door. Why would I crave that?

Will power.

That's the one thing I need. See, no matter how well my E-Cigarette fulfills my nicotine needs, I need every ounce of will power to get off the tobacco cigarettes completely. Those things are killing me...and they have controlled every aspect of my life for nearly 30 years!!

Eat a meal...smoke.
Get on the computer.....smoke.
Drive the car.....smoke.
In pain....smoke.
Kids in bed.....smoke.

So, day two was an alright day. I still had 4 tobacco cigarettes, but I have to admit that the very taste of them is making me kind of nauseous! I'm making the transition where my E-Cigarette is the taste I prefer. Though it has very little taste, my E-Cigarette doesn't leave an after taste in my mouth....actually, it doesn't leave any smells or taste behind.

It didn't bother me, at first, to have smokers around me......but now I'm noticing how much the smell of tobacco smoke bothers, oh man does it STINK! And I was perfectly fine walking around smelling like that?! Tobacco smoke really does dull your senses.....your sense of smell and taste are shot to hell...........really!

I took my E-Cigarette on a little trip my parent's house. I love showing this thing E-Cigarette really is a brag-worthy piece of technology! My parents thought it was extremely dad was very encouraging of my quest to be smoke free...and my mom took a Sharp Smoker business card think my brother and his girlfriend might want to order one. (Yeah, right, mom smokes too and she hides it from my dad......he knows. LOL)

As far as habits go, my E-Cigarette is becoming more like a tobacco cigarette to me. I actually, unconsciously went to "flip an ash" and once, in the restroom, actually laid my E-Cigarette down on the the counter, with the cherry end hanging over the very edge. Both times, I immediately caught myself and said, "Duh".

I'm still feeling a bit light headed and my lungs are beginning to clear out (in other words, I'm hacking and coughing and my lungs are asking where all the pollution went....very attractive! LOL!) I just keep telling myself that my lungs are beginning the process of healing. At this rate, by summer, I should be able to walk around the block without huffing, puffing and feeling like I just climbed a mountain!

Something I'm finding unusual about using the E-Cigarette though is that my appetite hasn't increased at all! If you've ever tried to quit smoking tobacco cigarettes in the past, you know all to well that you'll shovel anything remotely edible into your mouth...Doritos, chocolate, cereal, that questionable leftover Chinese in the back of the fridge. But I'm not having any appetite increase whatsoever! So I'll be a non-smoker without a spare tire, love handles and a be-dunka-dunk! HA!

Alright.....that about wraps up day two......I'm gonna continue on with day 3. I'll let you know how it goes tomorrow. Remember, if you want to join me, you can get a great deal on a top of the line E-Cigarette from Sharp Smoker! Visit Kevin's site and he'll take good care of you!


Kevin Sjodin said...

Ms. E, I was wondering if you happened to see my benefit article on the educational part of my website, If not, check it out and let me know what you think. It gets a little technical, but I feel I explained it well. It goes right along with what you were saying about your lungs starting to clear out. Click here to go to the article. Have a good one!

Ms. E said...

Great article, Kevin and so true! I didn't have too much of a smoker's cough (only the typical morning clearing out) but now, I'm coughing a great deal more and I feel so light-headed because of the oxygen I'm getting that I wasn't getting enough of before!! Strange....but oh-so-good!