Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Catching Up With A New Baby In Tow!

I know, I one of my followers reminded me, I have been MIA since November! I'm sorry....but I'm finally slowing down from chasing my tail and ready to blog on.

The holidays brought the normal mania in our household (Are we gonna be able to afford the gifts? What the heck and I gonna buy my mom that she won't complain about? Who ate the last piece of pie?)The holidays also brought out the best and worst in our lives.

Take my little one. She turned 11 on the second of December (another time of mania for our household)and she informs us she suspects we are indeed the "Santa Claus" culprits. We hesitated, but eventually came clean about the whole childhood scam. After mulling over the lies in her head, my way-too-smart-and-savvy daughter looks at me and says,

"Wow, you and dad really work your butts off making sure we had a good Christmas every year. I got alot of cool stuff over the years. Thank you."

But that's not all!! We decided to take a left over portion of a big win I received earlier in the year and donate it to the local food pantry (which also gives out misc. donated items as well) So we wrap stacks of My Little Pony toys, take them over to the church and hand them out.

The next morning, while getting ready for school, the commercial came on saying, "Yes Virginia, there is a Santa Claus." My daughter suddenly spins around, hairbrush in hand and yells, "I GET IT!"

Nearly spitting coffee out my nose, I just look at her like she's nuts and she finishes...."Santa isn't real, but he's an idea, a thing that lives in our hearts and anyone can be Santa! We were Santa last night! I get it now."

I was humbled.

So, in addition to my younger daughter's revelations, my older daughter got more than her fair share of *crap* Her ex started his creepy stalking stuff. Though the idiot was TOLD by the judge that there is a no contact order and if he violates, he goes to PRISON. How hard is it NOT to call someone repeatedly and hang up? How hard is it to NOT drive by someone's place of employment obsessively? Geez!

Well, as the prosecutor predicted, he got sloppy. In the wee morning hours on January 2nd, my daughter's cell phone rings half a ring and wakes her. She flips it open to see a number rather than they typical "unknown". She jumps online, reverse searches the number's her ex's phone number! And here we thought he only had a cell phone!

To make a long story short, he was arrested that morning and charged with invasion of privacy and resisting arrest.....and the prosecutor added felony probation violation. Yes, my friends, the idiot is going to PRISON!! The only bad part is that his 500 + pound mother is on the war path.....after all it IS all my daughter's fault *rolls eyes* At least she doesn't move very quickly.

But there are some shining lights in the madness. My older daughter is dating a wonderful guy now (nothing like ANY guy she's seen in the past) I absolutely adore him and his family! Plus............there's a baby in the house!!!!

No, not me! Are you kidding? I think my eggs have retired and moved to a home somewhere in Miami where there's shuffleboard and Canasta. We have a brand new puppy....and he's such a chubby little joy!

Meet little Masaharu...... you've met the baby and I've rambled on enough! Stay tuned for my "Things I Learned in 2008" blog!


Anonymous said...

Is canasta something they teach you during your "Welcome to your Florida retirement" training classes?

Welcome back ma'am...