Saturday, October 25, 2008

It's A Halloween Nightmare

Although my 10 year old already has her Halloween costume, an Indian Princess, we decided to take a peek through the costume selection at Meijer the other night.

I rummaged through the rack and saw the most interesting pink, leopard print skirt with a fuzzy cat tail attacked. I pulled it off the rack, held the costume at arms length and looked at the form fitting belly top, trimmed in pink marabou. How cute! How sexy! And then I realized............... was a costume for a 6 year old girl!!!!!!!!!!

I immediately hung the costume up and began digging frantically through the other costumes. I found a sexy witch with an obscenely short skirt and sewn-on bustier that laced in the back. The Little Red Riding Hood costume looked like something out of a Fredricks Of Hollywood shop. There was a fire red, form fitting, cat suit that included a deeply scooped neck, marabou trim and devils horns. And don't get me started on the Dorothy costume.....the Wizard would take her glittery ruby slippers and send her back out to the flying monkeys.

I felt a little dizzy looking at the overly sexy and revealing costume selection for little girls and toddlers and I couldn't help but wonder if parents are really buying these for their children. C'mon, are we expecting them to bring back more than just candy on Halloween night? Dress them little tiny street walkers and you never know!

Now I'm not an old fashion gal, for the most part. I wear low rise jeans, listen to J-Pop and alternative rock and my daughters have deemed me as "cool"...........but if this trend is something that the mainstream, I say braid my hair and call me Laura Ingalls! I refuse to allow my daughter dress in such a lewd and revealing way, even if it's just for fun and just for one night.

What happened to the days of white bed sheets over the head, prima ballerinas and floor length princess gowns? Where are the evil, ugly witches, dressed in long, black gowns with warts and green noses? Has Hannah Montana, High School Musical and television turned our children into wanna-be tarts, vixens and tiny Paris Hiltons? Or are the costume companies just putting the stuff out there and hoping that little Cindy will throw enough of a temper fit in the store that mom and dad will cave and let her run the neighborhood Halloween night with a bare midriff, begging for treats or "tricks"?

All I know is....I'm not buying it and my daughter certainly isn't wearing it.