Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Boy, Could I Use Help Right Now!!

As many of you already know, I am a sweepstakes junkie! I save bottle caps and UPC codes. I will dumpster dive during McDonalds Monopoly
Game and buy products that have instant win game pieces inside. Over the years I have won some nice things, however, I have had to cut back
dramatically on my sweepstakes because of my Fibromyalgia.

You see, I can't sit for long perios of time without pain. I can't stand for longer than 10-15 minutes without going into back spasms and
exercise, while good for my health makes me feel as if I have been hit by a truck!

Anyways....back to my sanity and how YOU can help! And guess what? It doesn't cost one help!

Go to Facebook and "LIKE" Visit Florida's page

Then go to this link and click "VOTE"
You can vote every 24 hours until July please consider bookmarking the page.

Now, please allow me to explain how you will be helping me.......

If I get the most votes, I will win a family vacation for 4 at the Don Cesar Resort in Tampa Florida. I am in such desperate need of a vacation
I am on the brink of fantasizing about being put in a straight jacket and vacationing in a rubber room! I want nothing more than to get away with my
family and relax. Also, my husband and I have never had a honeymoon noe have we ever had a family vacation. I'd love for my children to see the
ocean, one of the most beautiful creations on this vast planet we call home.

Secondly, you can help me win a brand new, 2011, Mazda CX-7 Crossover. Wow.....a brand new car?! This is something we could never afford! We have
never owned a car newer than 10 years old! Our vehicles and the "buy here, pay here" lot kind of vehicles.....sold to us by a barrel chested guy
dressed in polyester slacks, plaid tie and smelling of Kentucky Fried Chicken and cigar smoke. Needless to say, our vehicles are far from being
dependable. Dependability is something we need since my son is disabled, I have Fibromyalgia and we both have numerous physician's and
specialist's appointments. And, since my husband is our sole breadwinner, if his clunker dies, he gets my clunker and we go back to holding
cardboard signs reading "Community Hospital or bust."

If I win this car, my husband and I will be giving our mini van to my daughter. Presently, she has no transportation to get my beautiful
granddaughter to her physician's appointments. She was born with bilateral club feet and sees a specialist regularly as they try to set her feet
and ankles into the proper position. And if the van we give her dies, I will have a dependable vehicle to transport them.

So, there you have it. Will you consider voting and helping me save my sanity with a vacation and changing the lives of my family as well as my
daughter's? If you do, would you also consider sharing with your family and friends?

You will have my undying gratitude and I'd be happy to return the favor! Need your car washed, dogs walked or toilets scrubbed? Need a babysitter,
wedding planner or lacky for the day? I'm will to do nearly anything to show my gratitue!

So please, take a few minutes a day for a couple of weeks and click the vote button for me!! Thank you, friends!